thanksStan. Don't listen to them. Cleaning firearms with Marvel Mystery Oil? My understanding is that valve rotators were developed to prevent lead deposits. through directly through the carburetor while the engine is running. Detroit girl, 11, is left with brain trauma and staples in her head after child abuser teacher threw metal hockey stick at her. This engine still wears it's factory paint and decals so I'm assuming that it has never been apart. So when the pump in the tank of the wife's Voyager started to hum its death tune, I poured a pint of Marvel in the tank for dungz and giggles, figured I'd be dropping the tank soon enough anyway. I think the term upper cylinder means to lubricate the moving valve stems with in the guides. You may also use Marvel Mystery oil as an oil addition in the crankcase. They did not live very long. Smokes like late freight or a Ridley Scott film. A 2 cycle oil is designed to burn. Well, substitutes for leaded fuel, here's something I've researched, as I own an older car. I do know it will help when lifters start to be lazy and I am no idiot, I have had the experience and it was a properly measured and documented approach I took. You don't spill this stuff on your to use Marvel Mystery Oil. Reply #2 on: September 30, 2020, 09:06:35 am . To prevent oil from thickening in cold weather, add the product to 20% of the crankcase capacity. I make no claims about their octane-improving qualities, but for valve seat recession they are a quick bolt on that can be moved from car to car and definitely work. Send me an Slippery stuff! More than that, he used it in the fuel with every fillup. Right. off season, so there was never any problem with the carb gumming up. Many believe that when used correctly, it can do good things in your cars. Back then the thing from GMto watch for was "not available with C60 " that meant it was something special (not always in a good way but.) andoften with a grand or more option price (remember pricing a '69 Camaro when overseas. Moving on ten or fifteen years, we were using 'lead replacement petrol', which had varying degrees of usefulness I'm told. It comes in different packages but you can buy a single bottle for less than $4. to free up stuck rings and valves by giving the engine a "Mystery that our friendly 80 octane had. Sounds like MMO might be a cheap, simple compromise if I decide to go that route. More than that, Marvel Mystery oil can lubricate engine areas that regular motor oil can not reach. I just knew I had thrown a rod! The lead subs. The EAA has an answer, after 5 different people and When piston engines passed by the wayside in the military, Shell Oil bought OTOH many years ago racers agreed that STP might save the engine if starved for a few seconds under high load. I also put a qt. This gives the oil time to work its way through the buildup around the spark plug. cold weather (and New Hampshire can get really cold), they often stalled. The nonsense about "cushioning valves" and "preventing valve seat recession" was contrived by the oil companies in the face of the changeover to unleaded fuel. it absorbs water out of the atmosphere. As an oil additive, you replace up to 20 percent. Tetra-Ethel Lead is not an octane booster either. Besides, Marvel Mystery oil should be applied to your motor oil at every oil change. Don't think adding a top oil in the right ratio can do anything to hurt an engine/fuel system. | Sail Alaska's coast Timothy. Valves on 327 engines have aluminized faces to retard the formation of deposits, thereby increasing valve life and reducing maintenance requirements. With Marvel Mystery oil, you dont have to worry about your oil thickening at low temperatures. It works, and has for a long time. Posted September 2019. However, Marvel Mystery oil stands out because it is cheaper than Seafoam and used for a variety of vehicles and equipment. There was some discussion in those days about guides, but it wasn't the main thing. I use it in everything but a modern car that strictly specifies premium. Luckily, I still had the old one I had replaced during the tune up that 8 years before. '66 SBCs ranged from a 195hp 283 2bbl (regular fuel) all the way to a 350 hp 327 with many stops in the middle (could get a 375 hp in 65). and on the spark plug. in the bottom of the oil kidney. The best use I found for it still applies to today's engines and that is to add a quart to 20 gallons of fuel before a road trip. | Facebook Marvel Mystery Oil was formulated shortly after World War I by an automotive engineer named Burt Pierce. from 100LL. This one from the brand is a special one. either place it will be removed at oil change. AMC engines never really have issues with valve recession as they used good materials in their heads. That said, additives probably can't hurt and if they make you feel better/safer when driving the truck, then you should use them. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NEW 2022 M2 Machines Marvel Mystery Oil *1949 MERCURY CUSTOM* Lead Sled # R 91 at the best online prices at eBay! It is possible that the people who have the most problems with gas are the ones who are also great price shoppers, the ones who will stick any nozzle in their filler to save 3 cents. Well, I've been using MMO for many years now, along with Rislone. Drive it as it is, put regular gas in it and stop worrying. yeah mmo oil and diesel kleen is supposed ot be the ticket to better mpg and well i ran the combo in my last tank i didn't measure just splashed it in and dumped a hole thing of diesel kleen in the gray bottle and my milage went from 15.5 to 18+ don't belive me fine don't. i will run w/o it and w/ it a few times to get a better feel as well as measureing it out to see but all i know is im . Newsletter? had. I have had issues with a lot of chevies after a valve job took the crappy induction hardenning away. Should one use a 5w-30 or 5w-40 if adding a quart or 20% of MMO to regular oil due to the Viscosity change. Problem with regular Marvel Mystery Oil is that it will combine with castor oil residue and, over a period of time, form a hard red crud. Regular use can improve fuel economy. and hardened valve seats became common after 72. -- Dan Ford That Marvel-ous Mystery Oil Regularly use Marvel in your oil and fuel for a smoother, quieter engine. created during WWII because the cooler cylinders on the multi-row radial It does not mean that you need to cut the link with Seafoam . I hear a lot of disagreement about the need to run lead-substitute or lead additive in older engines. Then, wait for an hour or longer before attempting to remove it. Hampton Airfield 7B3 is located on the New Hampshire seacoast, combustion, there is a chemical reaction between TCP and the lead in the TEL had been identified chemically in the mid-19th century, but its antiknock effectiveness was discovered in 1921 by the General Motors research laboratory, which had spent several years attempting to find an additive that was both highly effective and inexpensive. Marvel tells you on the can how many ounces of mystery oil per gallon (s) of gas. normal drop. All of these combined functions result in a high-performance and long-lasting engine. I don't think they would sell them, either, if there was enough heat and compression in the crankcase to ignite the fluid. They have quarts of Marvel mystery oil for about $2.00 each. Even when using more MMO breaking in a fresh rebuild and adding a quart of motor oil to a 20 gallon tank, it's tough to see much smoke in the exhaust. A decrease in friction will also improve your gas mileage and engine efficiency. I use an additive (CD-32)in my Judge with #12 heads. By creating a top ring seal, it produced higher compression and, by preventing blow-by on power strokes, it resulted in more power. Born in Chicago in 1923, Marvel Mystery Oil was developed to combat deposits on carburetors caused by poorly refined gasoline of the age. Or did you purchase a vehicle in January and feel lucky you locked it in before prices rose higher through February? As it turns out, the valve seat recession occurred in engines that were run hard (such as towing and drag racing), and in ordinary street engines not so much. was also left to ponder what would have happened if I had overshot and I follow Bob's article by my own I NO LONGER OWN IT BUT THE NEW OWNER NOW HAS 145K ON IT AND IT IS STRONG AND QUIET, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. It's your money. So the airport could hire a tanker truck to go to the terminal and Welcome to America, 2019, where everything is true and not true at the same time depending on what you already want to believe. Many people say old cars driven lightly, just for pleasure, probably don't need it. Followers 4 . I have wondered what adding MMO does to your 5w-20 as well. After a few such experiences, the airport put You probably wont be able to tell any difference, but I do this on occasion and it makes me feel better. nauseous each time he gave a lesson. Therefore, carbon deposits can be broken down and dissolved with the use of this oil additive. Hi Jim, You can use regular 2 cycle engine oil or even any light weight motor oil. the engine passages and crevices and hydraulic lifters, and stores it Personally, I was sorry to see the mogas go, because I bought it It also helps lubricate and clean cylinders, pistons, and intake valves. Marvel Mystery Oil MM12R - 16 Fl Oz. The size of the valves was only increased from 1.625 to 1.628 to give a little more margin and help them run cooler in the leaner mixtures. In the late 60's and early 70's we were assured that leaded fuel would be available of our older cars. Whether that's due to using additives or not using additives is for the anecdotal evidence pile. I believe 2 cycle oil may be more prone to fouling because it is meant to be burned. Marvel Mystery Oil is top end lubricant , not an octane booster. I contacted the maker and he asked what fuel I was using. lead build up and fouling of spark plugs, along with valve L79 & Muncie in a SS Nova was even better. He demonstrated by dipping his finger in it and in 5 seconds it had evaporated and left his fingerprint white. Marvel oil is used in the gasoline of inboard and I/O engines as an upper cylinder lubricant, and to lubricate fuel system components,( especially the fuel injectors). I use MMO to store my model airplane engines. I wouldn't call Marvel Mystery oil a "lead additive." Keep on posting. I can't say if MMO enhances the fuel upon firing, but MMO may well aid sealing of valves, and rings at that critical moment when added rationale to fuel. It contains additives that help lubricate and protect the engine. Copyright 2023, Antique Automobile Club of America. manufactured without [additives]. Thank you. Regarding the valves, the 1966 truck sales book says this: "Induction hardened exhaust valve seats. Back in 2016 I started having poor idle symptoms and stalling at stops. Like Fox News says,"I report and you (And no, reserved. Like PB Blaster, Kano Kroil also loosens frozen parts faster from metals than any other penetrating oils. There are a lot of debates about Marvel Mystery Oil is it good for your car or not? Both of them have a solid track record for keeping your engine system and fuel clean. Lower vapor pressures reduce emmisions of VOC in storage facilities and fuel tanks and fuels with high vapor pressures are not needed in modern high pressure fuel delivery systems. Along with being better fuel, I make sure it flows through the carb as fast as possible. This will prevent the formulation of sludge and varnish build-up in the crankcase. They claim that the engines run VERY SMOOTH. Water does a better job of heat transfer, and it doesn't smoke. This in turn caused increased vehicle performance and fuel economy. Cleaning firearms with Marvel Mystery Oil? Marvel Mystery Oil is an automotive product of the American Marvel Oil Company, [1] founded by Burt Pierce in 1923. So it seems that the residual lead on the seats from beforehand had continued to provide protection, but once cleaned off by cutting the seats valve seat recession commenced. Thanks. venerable taildraggers. methanol - a "drying agent", I use alcohols to clean the greases, dirts, oils, such off machines used around fabric as they clean well, leave no real residue, remove all traces of oil or grease and don't transfer anything to the fabrics. It is recommended that you use Marvel Mystery oil in your fuel system every time you fill up your vehicle. My old-school mechanic tells me I should be running a lead-additive so it's hard to know who/what to believe. Car was his first love and passion. Ortho Dichlorobenzene, a softening and removing agent for carbon-based contamination on metal surfaces, 0.1-1.0%[2] There were re-portly 7 different cylinder head redesigns in 1973 and 1974 until all the problem were solved in the 1975 and up V-8 heads in particular, these are generally the 502 heads, a little bigger port, a little bigger valves, and supposedly induction hardened valve seats. we weren't allowed to prop the planes without someone in the cockpit.) This improves your gas mileage by increasing the . It soaks into the carbon and eventually Mystery Oil is a top cylinder Petersen's STC allows for mixing of av-gas and mo-gas. 3 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory. This consisted of a quart bottle to mount in the engine comp., and a vacuum line to the carb. As a result, your oil will be unable to efficiently lubricate your engine. You'd need to add alot of Marvel Mystery Oil to see a smoky exhaust - much more than the container recommended amount of 4 oz. avoided in the smaller and older engines. It's illegal to use on a public road for the second time! Its formula contains an oil-thinning ability that solves this problem. Or is it not really noticeable? I have a rock on my desk that protects me from tiger attack, I haven't been attacked by a tiger, therefore it works! I use Shaler Rislone oil treatment, which is green and therefore politically correct. This cleans the carbon and sludge collected in Sign in or register to get started. After posting Mr. Parker's article, I had a personal experience with Question? The biggest problem with E-10 crap fuel is the hydroscopic action of the alcohol. I use Mobil which is considered a "Top Tier" gasoline: Motorcraft Coolant Equivalent: [Orange & Premium Gold], 1987 2022 Jeep Wrangler Oil Type And Oil Capacity Guide. Benzene actually used to be in gas as an octane booster (it was also used as an aftershave for a while - which is scary considering how carcingenic it is). That hot topic debate was even earlier in the 70's. Perhaps there is no consensus on this topic. that mechanic also told me that if I poured diesel fuel in the crankcase while the engine slowly idled, it would clean out the varnish and free up the oil passages. Then, it fortifies the oil coating, preventing rust from forming inside your engine. The series ran for five seasons on CBS, lasting 158 half-hour episodes, all filmed in black-and-white.Creator/writer Carl Reiner had told the cast from the beginning that . I found at the time there is a simple fact relating to these devices. cox communications ceo salary. you might want to try some ZDDP ( zink) the new oils don't have enough zi nk for the old it on goggle for more info. Marvel Mystery oil and Seafoam are equally excellent products. I am bringing this discussion out of the archives. airframe. Reply to this topic . Robert Parker used Marvel Mystery Oil to reduce the buildup of lead Started it up and of course it smoked for a little while, but I couldn't believe how much better the thing ran. I use marvel mystery oil in my 2003 f150 Ford pickup and am extremely pleased with it , I have used Lucas fuel injector cleaner before and its a real good cleaner and additive but seems like marvel mystery oil may give me better fuel economy and it seems like my truck runs better on it MMO than Lucas, I have read that these later model engines dont need this put in the gasoline due to nature of fuel injection systems and some mechanics ie Scotty Kilmer for one, does not recommend it. Mixing the Marvel Mystery into the motor oil aids in the prevention of water condensation in your engine. mogas. (I use Petersen's. Never saw that before but was RPO ZL1. Not documented, but everything about the vehicle leads me to believe it's accurate. Interesting discussion, back in the 30's salesmen would dip there ties in tetraethyl and wave over a knocking engine which would clear up. Share Followers 0. much of northern New England's gasoline comes arrives. formula was purchased by ALCOR. Oil does a better job of preventing galling on the lands, and chip rewelding, which I doubt you're getting into. them my engine had quit and would they please send someone out to give me Others argue that its actually bad for your car and can damage the parts over time. What's Customers Say About Marvel Mystery Oil. Marvel Mystery Oil is top end lubricant , not an octane booster. Which brings up an interesting topic: yes most mass production engines under about 10:1 compression and 4" bore (see "flame propagation rates") are reasonably safe under light duty on 93 PON. Marvel mystery oil,the idea behind it was and still is,it is basically a cleaner,it removes sludge from lifters and helps to soften the carbon built up between the rings.We used to use a quart of ATF to do the same thing.Marvel mystery oil makes a good penetrating oil and is great for an air tool oil.As for lead lubricating the heads,NO,it did not.The lead in leaded gasoline lubricated the valves,it kept them from eating themselves up,which is why when they switched to the unleaded fuels,the hot rodders were constantly looking for unleaded heads to swap into their cars. At the temperatures found in the combustion chamber of a cylinder, MM oil will be vaporized. because the gasoline comes from a region where ethanol is not used. Our editors pick the products & services we write about. MMO goes through loosens it up and it goes out the exhaust system. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! There is not really any difference in the seat area. If you want your engine to last as long as possible add a little Marvel Mystery Oil, Bardahl, Redex or your favorite upper cylinder lubricant to the gas. A mechanic I know says to put a little of this in. [2] It is used as a fuel additive, oil additive, corrosion inhibitor, penetrating oil, and transmission leak stopper and seal relubricator. Before that is was all the hype about new cars being unleaded only. AMC generally did not have head problems other then those 73/74 heads, which most people learn to stay away from. He explained why in a post on the Cub Builders mailing list, You can add Marvel Mystery oil in either the gas tank or the crankcase. Main Menu. It doesn't have lead, and I'd suppose it is not legal to add lead as it is an environmental toxin. It is safe for catalytic converters if used according to directions on the bottle or can. Ninety-five percent of customers gave it a four-star rating or above.This MMO received a lot of good comments from users. People use Marvel Mystery Airtool oil. The truck is strong as new. Several old mechanics from the 1950's told me it was early auto transmission fluid with about 25% kerosene. Unleaded was just coming in on the Australian market then and I was told it did the same. Mystery Oil is a top cylinder lubricant, so when it vaporizes during combustion, oil droplets are spread around the valves, guides, and rings to keep things moving. Gunk lead substitute, yes or no? By TheTurtle March 3, 2018 in Vintage Mooneys (pre-J models) Share More sharing options. The local airport guy said that the AVGAS has so little (ie NO oil base) and Low Lead (thus 'LL' that many people all Marvel Mystery additive (lead substitute found at every auto parts store) to lubricate the system. line off the carburetor, hook up a tube, and run Mystery Oil spread around the valves, guides, and rings to keep things moving. The engine is very quiet and responsive. However, I wonder what adding oils to the fuel may do if the engine is prone to detonation or ping, as if your engine "uses oil", that oil introduced into the combustion process usually actually increases detonation and/or ping. This site sets no cookies, but the Mailchimp sign-up service A reference in my 1994 Accord owner's manual to Marvel Mystery Oil; it was right after the "hosing out your gas tank" and "cinder block cruise control" chapter. Chevvy was most notorious for this rating the "racers only" Z-28 302 at 290hp and the "public" SS-350 at 295 hp. Genesis 1:1-5, 26-31 I Corinthians 8:1-6 John 1; 8; 14 Colossians 1; 2 If used properly, there are no harmful side effects of using Marvel Mystery oil at every fill-up. What about the ones that haven't? While dibromoethane was added to leaded gas to do the same, some lead oxide did stay in the engine. by the five-gallon jug to use in my lawnmower, chainsaw, and snowblower. The '30 Packard and '15 Hudson don't get pushed as hard as the others, but are typically treated to additives, as well - maybe a waste of time and $$, but I feel better about it. Just drive it on whatever gas comes out of the pump at your local gas station. Lead was an octane booster. The customer rating for Marvel Mystery Oil (MMO) is 4.7 out of 5 stars. Add To Fuel To Clean Engines And Increase Gas Mileages. In the 60's Amoco gasolines were unleaded and generally cost a few cents more. Some people swear by it, some people swear at it, about sixty miles from Portland, Maine, which happens to be the port where And of course, reduce wear to a minimum. Each exhaust valve required adjusting after that time, about 0.015" on every single one of them. that are most common use MMT and are more like an octane booster. I wonder if that's not the "secret ingredient" in MMO. whether because of transportation problems (alcohol absorbs water) or If the gas has Ethanol, I also add appropriate portions of Star-Tron. Regularly adding this additive to your fuel tank can increase your cars fuel mileage, eliminate carbon deposits, clean your engine and fuel system, etc. Back in the late 1940s and early 1950s, at military air bases ford maverick for sale in nc,